Cyber Security Engineer

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An offer by ELTE Eötvös Kiadó & European University Foundation

Main tasks and responsibilities

As a Cyber Security Engineer you will be working to ensure the data security of various online tools and mobile applications related to student mobility and digital higher education infrastructure in Europe. The main responsibilities are:

  • Research and improve the security of existing tools and systems.
  • Architectural design of secure data structures.
  • Implementation of secure API’s to ensure connectivity with other systems.
  • Support the development of an application backend / CMS.
  • Creation of tests, technical guidelines and documentation.

Furthermore, you will be working together with a team of developers and carry a shared responsibility for the delivery and maintenance of the product.

Required skills and experience

  • Experience in the design of data structured and API development.
  • Experience with API technologies (such as REST and GraphQL) and their security components,
  • Experience with cyber security including vulnerability detection and mitigation.
  • Knowledge of hacking tools and techniques.
  • Experience working with Drupal 8 and decoupled apps.
  • Precise and organised way of working.
  • Creativity and problem-solving as well as good communication skills.
  • Capability of working in a team as well as independently.
  • Experience working with education related services and digital infrastructures will be considered an asset
  • Good command and understanding of English

CV and a short cover letter indicating the payment requested is to be sent to zambo.kiss.zsolt@kancellaria.elte.hu

Final deadline for application: 13 August 2020, but the applications are reviewed when received.

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