ELTE Online Career Days 2020

The ELTE Online Career Days is the perfect opportunity for every business, from the smallest to the biggest to show their image first-hand to the students of ELTE. Our university is the biggest institution of higher education in Budapest, the portfolio – except for the engineer and doctor fields – is covering almost every area of the labour market from the IT sector through foreign languages, education and finance.

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19th– 20th November 2020, 13:00 to 18:00 h

Why is the ELTE Online Career Days different, than other virtual exchanges?

  • #reach
    We are addressing our event to 25.0000 current and approximately 20.000 already graduated students of ELTE.
  • #unique
    You can shape your channel the way you want: post images, videos, and informational materials – share as much as you can about yourself!
  • #colourful
    Job offers are not the only things that are waiting for those who are interested: during the two days participating students can follow interesting conversations, interviews, and discourses through livestream.
  • #multiplatform
    The Teams app is available for free on IOS, Android, Windows app, or a browser.
  • #available
    With our discounted packages everyone in the labour market can find their target group whether it is a public institution, SME, or a large enterprise.
  • #direct
    Visitors can contact you with a single click: you can chat, make a video call, or give a virtual presentation.
  • #cozy
    Microsoft Teams is one of the most used home office tools, so you have almost certainly met it before. Also, ELTE uses Teams for its online courses, so that all of our students know how it works.
  • #comfy
    You can attend Career Day from home or the office.
  • #safe
    You can contact the candidates in person without meeting physically.
  • #feedback
    After the event, we will provide you a detailed statistic on the number of participants and the achievement positions of yours.

Detailed information for exhibitors


The event is organized using Microsoft Teams, which is also the generally used virtual educational tool of ELTE.

  • For the event, we create a dedicated group in Teams that students can join using a link. This link will be sent to registrants on the day of the event.
  • Teams does not necessarily require the installation of a program as it can be accessed from a browser or smartphone without restrictions.
  • Within the Career Day group, each company gets its channel where they can upload images, videos, files, text posts, and start live streams.

Through the channel, students can initiate a live chat or video chat with company representatives, they can give their contact information here, or submit their resume. Conversations can even be scheduled with the feature of Teams calendar, which will be notified to both parties separately.

Check out our demo video to learn more about the how we use Teams!


We start the marketing campaign for the event in mid-October. We will increase the intensity of the campaign until the date of the event.

We primarily address the students through the online channels of ELTE and the Career Center:

  • As a special event on the Career Center’s website (4500 users/month)
  • ELTE Job Portal (2500 users/month)
  • Approximately with 7.000 followers on our Facebook page,
  • Involving Student Governments in HÖK channels,
  • With more than 10,000 members in ELTE’s Facebook group for job seekers,
  • In eDM letters based on data stored in Neptune:
  • Career newsletter (25,000 recipients, published every two weeks),
  • Targeted eDM (we collect interesting offers for the students of each major and send them to them by direct email);
  • Also, in paid advertisements on various social media platforms to the mainly targeted ELTE students.
  • Before the event, ELTE will publish a press release on Career day through MTI.

Win a mobile! – competition

In order to reach an even wider range of students and encourage them to participate, we are announcing a competition for participants. The main prize is a valuable mobile phone.

We give the opportunity to our participants through the competition to offer additional gifts, which we will honour with a special appearance: the company name of our sponsor will be indicated on all marketing appearances related to the prize competition.


We make our event more appealing for students with interesting conversations and presentations. We not only invite the representatives of our axhibitors but also invite popular media personalities, YouTubers, and influencers who are interesting for the target group. These presentations, discussions are going to be available on the General channel of the event.

Our guests will be:

  • “How I became…?” In our series we talk with: 
  • Other participating rapporteurs, roundtable discussions:
    • BSS Hungary:  a roundtable discussion on the effects of COVID in everyday workplaces
  • We are looking for exhibitors to our other roundtable topics:
    • Career building during university and fresh out of university – what is the experience worth today and how can we get it?
  • Home Office in practice: what tools can be used to solve the problem of the lack of presence at work, also how does teamwork work online?
  • The relationship between self-knowledge and job choice

Services for exhibitors

Thanks to the virtual interfaces, we want to make our Career Day available to smaller, less capital-strong companies too. You will find a detailed description of the discounted KKV(SME) package on this page.

We also would like our pedagogical students to find suitable career opportunities in the market sphere, that is the reason why we are giving a free opportunity for schools and public educational institutions to appear on the Virtual Career Day. We present our detailed offers for schools and public educational institutions on this page.

We provide the following services to our customers using the Basic package:

Virtual exhibition stand:

  • Create an autonomous Microsoft Teams channel
  • The publication of the channel access link on the ELTE Job Portal
  • Independent Microsoft Teams channel: pictures, video sharing, the comment section
  • Organizing live 1:1 video interviews
  • Posting a channel access link on the Virtual Job Fair interfaces

Independent Microsoft Teams channel: pictures, video sharing, the comment section

  • Creating a supplement page presenting the company with video and images
  • Posting job offers on the microsite
  • Announcing the microsite in ELTE’s Facebook group for Job Seekers
  • a post about the company and the microsite on the event’s Facebook page
  • Introducing the microsite through a post on the Career Center’s Instagram page

in addition to the above, we offer the following to our partners who chose the Featured supporter package:

  • Featured channel: the partner’s channel is shown at the top of the channel list
  • Opportunity to participate in panel debates on the central channel as part of the program (delegation of 1 participant)
  • Sending targeted eDM within the ELTE Career Day campaign to students of faculties/courses relevant to the client (sending 1 letter, target group size: max. 1 faculty or max. 3 majors)
  • Publish a PR article on the karrier.elte.hu website and on the Career Center’s Facebook page (1 piece)
  • Sending a follow-up letter to registered students after the event (1 piece)

In addition to the above, we also provide our clients who choose the Professional Support package with:

  • Featured advertisement on the allasborze.elte.hu website (1200 x 600 px size slider) during the last 2 weeks before the event
  • Featured advertisement on karrierkozpont.elte.hu website (1200 x 600 px size slider) durint the last 2 weeks before the event
  • Partner’s company name or logo on the official communication materials of the event

Job advertisements in Teams

Depending on the package, our exhibitors can publish their job advertisements in their Microsoft Teams channel with their own or other companies and organizations. It is possible to publish:

  • Text description,
  • Unique header (one image not smaller than 918×120 px),
  • Embedded pictures,
  • Embedded videos (uploaded video or embed YouTube video),
  • Pdf or other files attached to the post.

You can learn more about using the Teams channel by watching the video above!

Uploading Job advertisements on the ELTE Job Portal

Our exhibitors with their open job opportunities can advertise for free before the event on the ELTE Job Portal. Please upload your positions which should be published by November 13 on the following interface: https://allasborze.elte.hu/uj-allashirdetes/

Beyond the text of the advertisement for the form you can also upload:

  • 1 cover image (maximum 1200×600 px)
  • 1 company logo picture with 1:1 size ratio maximum 400×400 px

During the pre-event marketing activities, some uploaded positions will be sent to ELTE students on Facebook and in personalized direct letters based on their studies.

Microsite: the online opportunity to the introduction

For companies who order the Basic, Featured, or Professional support packages, we create a microsite on ELTE Job Portal.  Interested students can access the microsite from the Career Days’ online registration website, so those who are interested can reach our customers’ even before the event.

This microsite provides you an opportunity for a detailed presentation of your company. You may also include your open positions that are available on allasborze.elte.hu. Please send the introduction of your company (approx. 1000-3000 characters) in Word format to allasborze@karrier.elte.hu e-mail address by 31 October 2020. You may alos embed images and videos (Examples of the microsite  here and here)-

We ask for a 1200×600 px jpg or png picture for the cover image of the article.

  • Please also send us the images (in jpg or png format) that you want to embed
  • To embed the videos please send us a link (e.g.: YouTube) of an already shared video!

The microsite will be published in a post on the Career Day Facebook event page.

PR article – for our Professional supporter

We will publish a PR article before the event about our clients ordering the Professional Support package on our website karrier.elte.hu. We will also share this article on the social media interfaces of the Career Center.  Interested students may go directly from the PR article to the company’s microsite, so they can get to know the open positions of our clients before the event.

Included in the PR article we would really love to hear about personal career stories of the company’s employees, as well as reports that help bring the everyday life of the company closer to our students.

Please send the PR article (approx. 2000-3000 characters) in Word format to allasborze@karrier.elte.hu until 31 October 2020. It is also possible to embed images and videos in the PR article (Example for a PR article here.).

  • We ask for a 600×600 px jpg or png cover image for the article
  • Please attach the images (in jpg or png format) that you want to embed
  • To embed the videos please send us a link (e.g.: YouTube) of an already shared video!

Participation in panel debates

We offer our clients who choose our Featured or Professional Support package the opportunity to participate in live panel debates on the Central channel of the event. The representatives of our clients during these conversations can share their experiences with our students on the following topics:

  • Career building during the university, and as a recent graduate: what is the experience worth today, and how can we get it?
  • Home Office in practice:  what tools can be used to solve the problem of the lack of presence at work, also how does teamwork work online?
  • The relationship between self-knowledge and job choice: what values do employers look for?

Please send the name, position, and contact details of the participating colleagues to the allasborze@karrier.elte.hu e-mail address by November 6 at the latest!

Prices and application

You can find the prices of the event and the detailed list of the services included in each package here:

Application deadline: October 31, 2020

To participate in the event, fill out the form below, or contact our colleague:

Zoltán Kispal zoltan@zyntern.com