As a Financial Officer, you will be responsible for:

  • bank administration
  • keep the financial database up to date and well – organized
  • manage financial documentation
  • tracking of contributions and other school fees related to the services
  • customer communication related to the services provided by the school
  • managing relationship with contractors and the members of the corporate


We are very proud of our school here at BBIS and aim to ensure that our school is a happy, caring and inclusive environment, where everyone is valued and respected. We work hard to ensure all children, of all nationalities, are nurtured and given every opportunity to achieve their very best.

Bérezés: bruttó 376.000
Bsc/Msc pénzügy és számvitel, Bsc/Msc gazdálkodási és menedzsment, Bsc/Msc kereskedelem és marketing