What would be your tasks as an Account Manager?

Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with our customers and you are going to play a really important role in this.
As a Customer Account Manager, you are the primary customer facing role responsible for customers’ success through strong relationships. Your priority is going to be the customers’ successful adoption and productive use of MiniCRM. You are front and center with our customers supporting their journey with MiniCRM and empowering them to achieve more!

Within the framework of our Onboarding service, you will help our customers in starting to work in MiniCRM as quickly as possible. Implementation processes don’t last for months, on average, systems are implemented in 1 month. During this period the most important thing is to make sure the customer reaches the first values by using MiniCRM. You will have really frequent contact with your customers, which contains one-on-one strategic meetings, shorter follow-up calls and helping them to set up their system.

Once you finish the onboarding process with your customers you will keep an eye on them and intervene if they get lost. Within the framework of Retention service, you will manage payment related requests, discounts, renewal, up-/downgrades and extending existing accounts with more users. If the customer needs more care, one-on-one consultation you will find out their needs and dedicate them to a consultant.

In this role, you will liaise with cross-functional internal teams (including Training, Helpdesk and Product Development departments) to improve the entire customer experience.

Core skills which is needed for this position:

  • Inspiring and motivating customers. We are not just giving a tool for them, we also give them best practices and know-how for developing their business. Having 10 years of experience, we can proudly say that we have changed thousands of people’s lives with MiniCRM.
  • Objection handling and persuasion. You don’t need to sell our system but you will need to manage objections which could sometimes risk our success. Our ability to manage objections is our power to prevent failure and to provide a different perspective to our customers.
  • Sales ability. There are many parts of this position where this skill is crucial. You will need to manage renewals, upgrades, discounts, sell one-on-one consultation and extend existing accounts with extra users.
    Excellent communication skill. Communication with different kinds of people is not just about talking a lot, it also requires the ability of being a good listener and finding the common ground with others.
  • Observes actively, can ask well. To know the customers’ real motivation, you need to discover the reasons behind them.
  • See the big picture. This position requires understanding how different kinds of businesses work and what are the customers’ business processes and problems. You will have strategic conversations about where the customer is right now and where he wants to get with MiniCRM.
  • Creative. You will face different kinds of situations and problems and your creativity in finding solutions will help you a lot.
    Understand how the system works. During your daily routine you will need to find a solution for your customers’ problem in MiniCRM.
  • Willing to learn. If you work with customers you will learn something new everyday. But we need to be conscious about it and find ways to do a better and more efficient job.
  • Speaks Hungarian and English fluently. You are going to speak in Hungarian with the customers but since we have an international team, English is our ‘official’ language so you are going to use it during the meetings frequently.

What you won’t do:

  • Customer acquisition. Your responsibility starts when the customer subscribes for MiniCRM which means you don’t need to sell our product, we have a dedicated department for it.
  • Helpdesk. We have a team for that.
  • Work instead of the customer. We are building systems together with the customer.
  • Software development. Everything that is needed for your work can be done on the user interface. The rest is our developer’s responsibility.
  • Spending your workday on traveling. It doesn’t matter whether you have a driver’s license or not, because we rarely go to our customer’s office. Consultations are mostly done online or our customers visit us.

What can you expect in MiniCRM?
What we provide:


  • 380 000 – 420 000 Ft gross / month. The salary can be increased based on our Mastery system. At higher levels, performance-based commission is also available.
  • Health insurance
  • Extra vacation days based on our internal policy
  • Quality devices (Macbook, smartphone)
  • Home office opportunity (and now recommended way of work)

What can you expect in MiniCRM?

  • Security. A product in which you can believe. We have been doing this for 10 years, and our customer base is growing continually.
  • Opportunity to improve. Besides learning from each other, you can also borrow a book/ebook from our library and one part of our budget is spent on training.
  • High ethical standards: integrity, honesty, sincerity, self-awareness, leadership and positive thinking.
  • We acknowledge outstanding results and performance.
  • We care about your opinion. We appreciate your ideas and initiatives, and our HR team is dealing with the colleagues’ feedback week by week. We will also deal with your feedback.
  • Dog-friendly office in the center of Budapest.

Jelentkezz: https://bit.ly/3qk6ihR


We have been working for 10 years to help our customers in building businesses that are successful in the long-term. In 2020, we got on the Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA list as the 3rd fastest growing Hungarian tech company and we also received Dreamjobs' "Szerethető Munkahelyek" award. Today more than 1700 companies are using our product daily and our team will consist of 60 members soon. Our mission is to make innovative, well designed products that empower businesses to serve more customers. Our core values are the following: constant improvement, honesty, openness, self-awareness, being fair.

We consider it highly important that our customers in Hungary utilize the opportunities MiniCRM can offer. Making sure that the process of the implementation is as smooth as possible is the responsibility of our Customer Success department, where the Account Manager belongs. If you would like to get to know various business processes and solve business problems, join our team as an Account Manager.

Bérezés: 380 000 - 420 000 Ft gross / month