1st half a year of Traineeship –  PURCHASING DEPARTMENT: 


  • Understanding of the ULCC model, high level of understanding of aviation industry
  • Administrative tasks connected to contracting, contract inventory, invoice control, tender requisitioning
  • Daily support of purchasing managers
  • Basic contracting knowledge, training
  • Bid assessment techniques
  • Basic communication and negotiation techniques
  • Introduction into model and simulation building
  • Introduction message-driven presentation building
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Supporting projects/tenders with the supervision of the department head and/or managers

2nd half a year of Traineeship –  FLEET ACQUISITION DEPARTMENT: 


  • Understand economic principles about fleet acquisition and financing
  • Participate in process improvement projects related to fleet management and financing, lead selected projects/ initiatives
  • Participate in invoice control, cash and Letter of credit management processes related to aircraft leasing contracts
  • Learn and develop basic financial models to evaluate aircraft financing transactions and cash-flows related to aircraft and major component purchases
  • Participate in meetings with aircraft financiers and OEMs to develop negotiation skills and gain market insights
  • Carry out administrative & system tasks related to fleet contracts and contract inventory
  • Reporting tasks to selected OEMs related to utilization and fleet plan changes

3rd half a year of Traineeship –  Airport development DEPARTMENT: 


  • Gather market intelligence from the field for the rest of the organization: competitive entries/exits, market news, etc.
  • Build negotiation skills by attending meetings with various stakeholders alongside the Airport Development managers and the Head of Airport development
  • Support managers with administrative tasks related to contracting, contract inventory and invoice control
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly marketing reports for partners
  • Prepare statistics on traffic development at airports
  • Monitor contractual obligations of existing deals
  • Support automatization tasks and performing system testing

4th half a year of Traineeship –  Legal DEPARTMENT: 


  • Participate in contract negotiation meetings
  • Basic support on contract drafting (e.g. proof reading)
  • Support on evidence collection in context of litigation and authority investigations
  • Support on transaction execution (most importantly on Fleet)
  • Carry out various administrative tasks
  • Supporting the team on various process related tasks (process mapping and improvement)
  • Support on budget control and potential tendering of external legal support
  • Support on basic corporate legal tasks

Required Skills and Competencies:

  • English fluency
  • Graduating within 2 years from university
  • Strong Microsoft Excel or BI skills, experience of working with large data is a plus
  • Look at WIZZ as career opportunity, not just a job
  • Cross-functional interests
  • Enthusiastic about the world of aviation
  • Eagerness to challenge, learn and grow
  • Self-motivated and good working in a team
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Highly analytical, technical, creative and forward-thinking

Wizz Air Hungary Ltd.

Wizz Air is the fastest growing and greenest European low-cost airline, operating a fleet of 134 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. A team of dedicated aviation professionals delivers superior service and very low fares, making Wizz Air the preferred choice of 40 million passengers in the financial year FY20 ending 31 March 2020. Wizz Air is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker WIZZ. The company was recently named one of the world’s top ten safest airlines by airlineratings.com, the world’s only safety and product rating agency, and 2020 Airline of the Year by ATW, the most coveted honor an airline or individual can receive, recognizing individuals and organizations that have distinguished themselves through outstanding performance, innovation, and superior service.

Bérezés: bruttó 2000 HUF/óra