Teleperformance Greece

Teleperformance Greece is the first and largest Contact Center in Greece and one of the largest omnichannel and multilingual contact centers. Actually, our company is awarded as the Best Multilingual Omnichannel Contact Center in Europe!

Teleperformance Greece is on a steady track of continuous growth and today employs more than 10,400 employees from 109 nationalities in Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania. Our people provide customer service, technical support, sales, gaming support and social media content moderation services for the world’s largest brands.

We place great emphasis on providing equal opportunities and a full respect for diversity, while investing in creating an excellent working environment that provides everyone with the opportunity to develop their talents and abilities so as to grow professionally.

At the same time, we offer a range of benefits that include programs for children, employee integration for expats, free medical examinations in collaboration with diagnostic centers and hospitals, as well as significant discounts on a vast range of goods and services.

Teleperformance Greece has won several awards, including the Best Workplaces in Greece and Best Multilingual Hub awards in Europe.

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