Aon Magyarország

Aon is a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions with 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries. 

Our team of 70 young professionals in Budapest support the Retirement & Investment business of Aon in various European countries. We prepare actuarial analyses and reports for our multinational clients. 

We have been providing our services since 2006 to several European countries. We started with supporting the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Switzerland first and today this list has grown to include countries such as: Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, CEE countries. Over the years we built a team of specialists who strive to provide excellent quality work in the following areas:


Accounting valuations and reporting according to international accounting standards (IAS19R, US GAAP/ASC715) are prepared for occupational pension funds run by our multinational clients. These valuations are required to be done every financial year so that retirement liabilities are quantified in the companies’ balance sheets by applying a best estimate approach.


Platform changes cover migration of data and valuation parameters between different systems. We have expertise in several valuation software and we provide help to different retirement teams at Aon who are aiming to move their actuarial calculations to a new platform. Migration projects can take from several months to a few years.


International project work is something our team gets involved in from time to time. Projects mainly concern the Retirement & Investment business of Aon and can come from different places globally. We worked on projects with most countries in Europe but also with the USA, India or Japan.


Business technology development is a growing business line in our team. Our programmers and tool developers help design and implement global retirement management solutions to clients. They have insight into the activities of several teams and try to build links between them. This group is also working on making our internal processes and tools more efficient.


Pension projects and feasibility studies are expected to become more popular services due to the challenges employers are facing on the labour market. A pension programme can be an excellent tool to support employer 

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