About us:

What do we do?

We are an American company, founded in 2008 in Pleasant Groove, Utah. We manufacture and sell essential oils and other related products.

doTERRA’ s Contact Center in Budapest was opened in 2020, since then we have hired over 275+ people to support our members and customers in 21 languages. Our job is to assist customers with any issues related to packages, online ordering, and any questions they might have.  We help them by showing empathy and effort throughout their journey with doTERRA.

How is it to work for us?

To work for doTERRA means, you will become part of the family. We are proud to say, that we have an exceptionally high employee satisfaction and are always trying to do even better. Our values gather around empathy, effort, being empowering and innovative, curious and we make sure to give our customers a fantastic experience and excellence. Our people are very diverse, fun, and energetic. We are looking for people, who would like to grow, learn, and have a passion for high quality customer service.

If you join our team, you may also have the chance to be part of the organization of events, exciting projects. Being part of the doTERRA Budapest Family means you get the chance to be in close contact with our Members and occasionally meet some of them at events like our BEYOND convention taking place in 2022 in Budapest or our Family events throughout the year.

We treat our employees fair and provide them with positive feedback and kind words because we believe appreciation goes a long way in their motivation and spirit. We also believe in a healthy work-life balance and we are proud to say that we fill the roles mostly internally and give a career opportunity to our employees to grow within the company. In addition to our many contact center teams, we also have supporting roles such as; trainers, shipping specialists, and knowledge base specialists.

doTERRA also takes social responsibility and giving back seriously, we strive to give back as much as possible through our Healing Hands Foundation. From the very beginning, doTERRA Founding Executives had the vision of “bringing healing and hope to the world through providing global communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant – empowering individuals and changing lives.” Their desire and commitment to “establish a pattern of giving” carries forward. By 2030, our goal is that dōTERRA triple their impact with the people we empowercommunities we serve, and lives we improve.


Our office is a modern, innovative environment on two floors of the BudaPart Gate office building, located 11th district of Budapest, Hungary. Check out our videos about the our Budapest office to see a slice of our life in doTERRA Europe Services Ltd and some exciting events you might get a chance to be part of!

Interview Process:

We usually get in touch with you within a couple of days, to schedule an interview with one of our recruiters. At the moment we conduct online interviews using Microsoft Teams.

1st round interview:

In the 1st round you get to know the company and we get to know you a little bit better and talk about important aspects of the job like benefits, working hours and salary.

Language Test:
In case you are not a native speaker in the language you are applying for we also conduct a Language Test after the 1st round.

2nd round interview:

If you passed the Language Test we schedule a final round interview with you, with one of our Contact Center Managers.

If you went through the process successfully, we send out our offer for you from our Applicant Tracking System and you will have 5 days to respond to it.

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Some pictures from our Team Buildings:

Cégbemutatók, Karriernap