Infinityn International’s new workshop series

Dear Student,

Have you ever wondered, what “being a salesperson” really means?
Are you eager to develop your communication skills?
Would you like to gain knowledge from professionals?

Welcome to Infinityn International’s new workshop series!

Infinityn values relationship-builders and curious minds, who thrive in an environment of sharing ideas and working together to challenge themselves, go further, and really bring their unique viewpoints to work. So, this is the vibe you will experience: dynamic, fast-paced, friendly, and collaborative.

We aim to contribute to your career advancement by giving you the floor to learn business skills that you can utilize in your professional and personal lives as well. You will have the chance to meet sales professionals and gain experience how working in sales truly looks like.

Join us and get to know more about sales, expand your know-how on managing word usage, body language, and tone of voice based on different types of personalities and situations. We will encourage you to learn more about yourself, others around you and will show you how you can become a good sales representative!

What topics we will go through?

  • Why is Sales a good first job?
  • What is Sales? – To understand the evolution of sales from a practice to a business function
  • DOs and DON’Ts of selling
  • Different ways of Communication – Learn how to inspire others
  • DISC personalities – find out which category you fit into!

Work with people who share your determination to make a difference.
Sign up for our workshop today! Join Infinityn. Help innovate the world.

About Infinityn:

At Infinityn, we deliver pioneering end-to-end processes, methodology and framework that enables global enterprises to achieve steady and gradual revenue growth. All our vision and innovations help organizations and their employees to achieve their goals, personal growth and deliver those KPIs and objectives.